About Us

Welcome to Precious Metals IRA Guide. My name is Victor L. I am 46 years old, married, and have three boys, ages 15, 12, and 8. I am a small business owner and my wife also works full time. I started this site to help other people like you navigate through this new complicated financial and geo-political world.

I believe I have a unique economic perspective that I hope serves my readers well. I am a first generation American, my family being from Mexico. Even though I was born in the United States (Thank you God!), I lived in Mexico for 15 years in my childhood and I was able to witness and live through the devastating effects of inflation and currency debasement (more on that later!)

I am NOT a financial advisor, and I do NOT have a crystal ball, but I do read a lot of history and economics books (about 20-25 per year), and I’ve listen to thousands of hours of independent experts and journalists in the topics of economics, finance, monetary policy, history, and behavioral psychology. I have taken the facts, opinions, and ideas of the best of the best in their subject and formulated my own opinion. I do NOT watch mainstream media, such as CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, etc. I believe the best intel comes from history, not from anyone’s tweet. All that being said, I urge you to do your own research and stay up to date on monetary policy and economic changes.

Like most families, my wife and I are slowly, but consistently building a retirement nest egg. We were doing it through my wife’s employer’s 401(k). In late 2019, we promised ourselves that after the next raise/bonus (or new client for me), we were also going to start a Roth IRA. After the 2020 Covid market crash, our beloved Federal government decided to send stimulus relief payments and print ungodly amounts of dollars. Shortly thereafter, the stock market and real estate market exploded. Once the initial excitement wore off, I noticed that people who owned assets did pretty well, but the majority of Americans were actually losing purchasing power through inflation. At some point, that would catch up to ALL AMERICANS.

I became concerned and started to pay attention a lot more. I noticed that as the price of our everyday goods and services started to go up, the value of our U.S. dollar began to crash. Even though our assets were going up in price, so was the price of everything, so we were breaking even, at best. Even though I am young enough and far enough from retirement to ride the upcoming cycle, as a father I am concerned that my children will be left with a very difficult economic reality. How will I help them for college? Will they ever be able to buy a house? Will this new inflation ever stop? How do I protect myself and my family?

As I was exploring non-fiat / non-dollar investments to protect myself from the inflation caused by the American money-printing factory and endless stimulus, I re-discovered the power of gold and other precious metals to hold their value (with some minor cyclical fluctuations). Because I did not have a lot of cash sitting around, I decided to explore this opportunity of the “gold IRA,” also known as a precious metals IRA. I was able to convert a good portion of our 401(k) into metals with the use of this tool. In 2022, it has been my best-performing asset, and I am incredibly grateful I did it.

Listen, I am NOT a doomsday guy, conspiracy theorist, or extreme prepper (I do some light prepping, though!), but I do know that our fiat monetary system is broken. And I know our government and others around the world are engaged in very irresponsible fiscal policies that will take us through some rough times. Throughout the ages, for thousands of years, gold, silver, and other precious metals have served to protect people against inflation, currency debasement, and irresponsible government economic policies. I believe, as do hundreds of experts, that one powerful way to protect yourself is through a gold IRA (precious metals IRA). I hope this website, Precious Metals IRA Guide, can serve you in your exploration of gold and metals as part of your retirement portfolio.

Knowledge is power. It’s on you. It’s on me. Let’s work together to share as much knowledge as possible for the benefit of all law-abiding citizens. Thank you for being here. If you ever have any questions, make sure to send us a note!