Birch Gold Group IRA Review 2022: Ratings, Options, Pros & Cons

With the recent global economic crisis brought on by the pandemic, diversifying your investment portfolio can help you better secure your financial future. Many investors are directing their attention to precious metals once again because of their stability, but this path presents another challenge.

With so many options for precious metal IRA firms today, it can be difficult for anyone to know which ones will work in your best interest. To help you in your search, we at Precious Metal IRA Guide will be covering one of the most well-known companies: the Birch Gold Group.

Whether you’re new to precious metal investments or a seasoned veteran, our Birch Gold Group review covers every important detail to help you make the right financial decision when it comes to precious metal IRAs. We’ve updated this article in the Fall of 2022 to make sure you have the most accurate and timely information in this volatile global macro environment.

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Birch Gold Group's Precious Metals IRA

If you’re looking to forego more volatile traditional investments like mutual funds, metal IRAs are an excellent alternative.
Self-directed IRAs remain among the most popular precious metal investing routes thanks to their convenience and ability to hedge against inflation and stock market crashes. Just like your traditional IRA, they let you save for retirement on a tax-advantaged basis.
Birch Gold Group offers many self-directed IRA options, making it easier to diversify your portfolio and make investments that line up with your knowledge, experience, or passions. Let’s go over them one by one

Gold IRAs

Humankind has prized shiny yellow gold since it was first discovered. While this precious metal is renowned for its beauty, longevity, and practical usefulness in many industries, many nowadays use gold as a safe haven against inflation.

Its value constantly changes but can also have long periods of steady prices and quiet trading. Despite these regular price fluctuations, gold IRAs continue to be a reliable store of value because their price is less affected by supply and demand trends.

Gold Bullion Coins

Birch Gold Group provides different gold IRA-approved coins from various mints, and they typically have a higher value than gold bars because of the higher demand and production costs. A few benefits of investing in gold coins are that they are easily recognizable and straightforward to trade. All offerings from Birch Gold Group, aside from American Eagle, have a minimum of 0.995 fineness, which denotes the purity of the coin:
  •  American Gold Eagle Bullion
  •  American Gold Eagle Special Edition Proof
  •  Liberty Head Double Eagle
  •  Liberty Head or Coronet Head Collection
  •  American Buffalo
  •  2021 Australian Gold Florin
  •  Canadian Maple Leaf
  •  Gold Twin Maples
  •  Gold Indian Head Eagle
  •  Gold Gyrfalcon
  •  Gold Rose Crown Guinea
  •  Gold Polar Bear and Cub
  •  South African Krugerrand

Other Gold IRA Options

If you prefer gold investments with a low premium over melt value, Birch Gold Group also offers:

Gold bars: When you want to buy substantial quantities of gold, bullion bars are often the better option because of their lower premiums. These bars come in many sizes, from 10 grams to one kilogram.

Gold rounds: Gold rounds produced by private mints are usually cheaper than their government-minted counterparts, and they come in similar sizes like 1/10 ounces to 1/2 ounces.

Valcambi CombiBars: CombiBars are an innovative gold IRA option that come in a card-like form with perforated edges. This design lets you split the item into smaller pieces to allow flexibility and convenience when you plan to sell.

All of these Gold IRA options have a minimum fineness of 0.995.

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Silver IRA

Similar to gold, our history with silver is long and rich. This valuable metal is an excellent alternative to securing your profits, and unlike its yellow cousin, the silver demand for industrial applications is much higher. This demand is the reason why the price of this metal is lower and more volatile.

Types of Silver Bullion Coins

The silver purchases you can make Birch Gold Group include mint coins. All of these silver coins meet the 0.999 minimum fineness required for IRAs:
  •  American Silver Eagle Bullion
  •  American Silver Eagle Special Edition Proof
  •  American the Beautiful Series
  •  Walking Liberty Half Dollar
  •  2021 Australian Silver Florin
  •  Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  •  Silver Twin Maples
  •  Silver Gyrfalcon
  •  Morgan Dollar
  •  Peace Dollar
  •  Silver Rose Crown Guinea
  •   Silver Polar Bear and Cub

Other Silver IRA Options

When you want to acquire silver in bulk, Birch Gold Group also offers bars and rounds from IRA-approved mints and refiners that have 0.999 fineness.

Platinum IRAs

Aside from your typical gold and silver, Birch Gold Group also provides other precious metal IRAs that you might not see in other firms, like platinum.

As a scarce metal with high industrial demand, it might surprise you to know that platinum is more expensive than gold. With no known stockpiles of platinum, it also frequently experiences high upward volatility due to supply concerns.

Types of Platinum Bullion Coins

All platinum coins from Birch Gold Group meet the 0.9995 fineness to be IRA-approved:

  • American Platinum Eagle
  • Australian Platinum Koala
  • SAustrian Platinum Philharmonic
  • Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf

Other Platinum IRA Options

With the supply of platinum being so limited, it might be a good investment strategy to purchase in bulk while prices are low. You can acquire bars and rounds from Birch Gold Group in various sizes and from approved mints and refiners.

Palladium IRAs

Palladium is 15 times rarer than platinum and has many practical applications in electronics, automobile production, dentistry, and other industries.

While this metal is a reasonably new commodity–especially when compared to gold and silver–palladium is quickly becoming an investment vehicle with high potential.

Types of Palladium Bullion Coins

As a result of palladium supplies being so limited, its minted options don’t offer as much variety as other precious metals.

So far, Birch Gold Group only offers the Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf, a minted coin with a minimum fineness of 0.9995. Other firms might carry an American Palladium Eagle, another popular palladium coin.

Other Palladium IRA Options

Palladium is the most valuable of the four major precious metals. If you want to acquire the metal under a limited budget, you can get the lowest premium over melt value with Birch Gold Group’s palladium bars and rounds.

How To Open a Precious Metals IRA With Birch Gold Group

One of Birch Gold Group’s biggest strengths is its streamlined investment process, where you have a personal precious metals specialist guiding you from start to finish. You can set up your retirement account with precious metal IRAs in four simple steps:

  1. Opening a new account: A Birch Gold Group advisor will provide you with all the information and paperwork needed to open a new precious metals IRA account. Keep in mind that this firm requires a minimum investment of $10,000.

  2. Choosing your precious metals: If you’re not sure what metal to invest in, Birch Gold Group’s in-house IRA department can help. They will consider your account value, market price fluctuations, economic predictions, and other factors to recommend some options that best fit your needs.

  3. Making your purchase: After deciding on your portfolio’s precious metal content, your specialist will provide you with the paperwork to make a purchase.

  4. Choosing your metal depository: With the metals officially yours, you can now safely store them in your chosen IRA-approved depository. The most popular options include Brink’s Global Service (the largest private depository in the precious metals industry) and the Delaware Depository, where stored metals are insured up to $1 billion.

Is a Birch Gold Group Precious Metals IRA Right for You?

If you’re not sure whether or not Birch Gold Group makes a good fit for your needs, we recommend this precious metals dealer if:

 You want to understand better the intricacies of physical gold and other precious metal IRAS. As you might see from different Birch Gold Group reviews, the company places a big focus on educating its clients to help them make sound financial decisions.

 You want to strengthen your investment portfolio with physical precious metals. As a trusted company with competitive prices and excellent customer service, Birch Gold Group is a solid option for anyone.

 You need reliable assistance throughout your own investment process. From finding the best time to purchase gold to where to store it, your advisor is readily available to offer professional insight.

Transfer or Roll Over Existing IRAs With Ease

With Birch Gold Group’s IRA rollover services, it’s possible to fund your gold IRAs using existing retirement accounts. You can simply transfer or roll over funds from your retirement account to your custodian if it’s a:

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • 401(k), 403(b), 457 eligible

Whether you’re setting up the rollover through a direct or indirect transfer, your custodian will acquire the necessary paperwork and guide you through the process.

A Precious Metals Company That Educates Its Clients

A common mention you will find in many Birch Gold Group reviews is the company’s dedication to educating its clients.

When you partner with them to handle your retirement funds, you get quality professional advice on how to accomplish your investment goals. Their team will ensure you are aware of both the benefits and risks that come with precious metals IRAs. They are also active in listening and offering thorough responses to any of your concerns.

Lastly, you can expand your investment knowledge by frequenting Birch Gold Group’s website, where you can find the latest industry news and helpful investment tips.

Getting Your Free Birch Gold Group 2021 Information Kit

Whether you’re a retiree or a headline trader, precious metals are a solid option for diversifying your portfolio. However, you can maximize your investment by picking a reputable company like Birch Gold Group.

If you want to know more about precious metals investing and Birch Gold Group services, we recommend reading their complimentary 2021 information kit. Simply file a request on Birch Gold group’s website, and you will shortly receive the kit in your email.

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Main Features of Birch Gold Group IRA Review

  • Birch Gold Group offers IRA-approved gold, silver, platinum, and palladium metals as investment vehicles for its clients.
  • The company employs a diverse range of industry experts, from wealth managers and financial advisors to commodities brokers.
  • Birch Gold Group believes that the physical possession of gold and other precious metals is essential to securing financial stability.
  • Birch Gold Group has an A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau) and an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, indicating a large number of very satisfied customer reviews and low negative ones.
  • Birch Gold Group’s website offers a wealth of information on the precious metals market and investing in general.
  • If you want to sell your precious metals, Birch Gold Group provides buy-back services with competitive prices that match market trends.


  • Committed to educating their clients
  • Follows all necessary state, federal, and IRS guidelines
  • Highly-rated across many trusted consumer-focused organizations
  • A large variety of precious metals IRAs
  • Very helpful and responsive customer service
  • Frequent promotions including up to $10,000 worth of free precious metals


  • $10,000 minimum investment
  • Relies on third party metal depositories
  • Some IRA providers offer lower prices
  • Only supports American deposits

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to buy precious metals, Birch Gold Group can give you peace of mind. They use Equity Trust for custodian services and the most reputable IRA-approved depositories in the country.

Thanks to its quality customer service, solid past performance, and a wide variety of precious metals IRAs, the company also boasts highly positive customer reviews from reputable organizations like the Better Business Bureau. Unlike other metal firms, Birch Gold Group also places a great emphasis on reliable customer support, not just increasing sales. With that said, their minimum investment of $10,000 might be too steep for some.

We hope that you’ve found our Birch Gold Group review helpful for your investment journey. If you found this Birch Gold Group review helpful but want to see more options, feel free to check out our article, The 5 Best Gold IRA Companies of 2021.

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Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links to products/services. The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Goldco Direct. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Goldco Direct and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent. The owners of this website may also be paid a commission by Augusta Precious Metals, Birch Gold Group, Regal Assets, Noble Gold, or others.

Risk Disclosure: Investments in gold, silver, precious metals, and cryptocurrency involve risk.  This is not financial advice and you should consult with a licensed investment advisor before investing.