The 5 Best Gold IRA Companies of 2021

Many people already know that investing in the stock exchange is a reliable option when preparing for retirement. What many people don’t know, however, is that it isn’t the only option. In truth, investing your money in different areas, or diversifying your metals portfolio, is a great way to ensure you’re making the most out of your hard-earned money.

Outside of the stock exchange, one great way to plan for your retirement is to invest some of your money in precious metals. Gold IRA accounts or other IRAs involving precious metals offer a more reliable alternative to traditional stock market investments. In the event of a market crash, a diversified portfolio featuring gold IRAs or precious metals in general will take fewer losses.

If you’ve come this far and you’re ready to get started with precious metal or gold IRAs, you may be wondering where to begin. While it’s true that personal investments in precious metals such as gold are available, new gold IRA investors benefit significantly from using the guidance of a gold investment company.

Companies handling gold and other precious metals aim to provide easy access to gold bullion and coin, silver, platinum, and palladium investing. In general, this means an exchange of currency for an equivalent number of coins or bars in the form of direct investing or an IRA, such as gold IRAs. As cryptocurrencies rise in popularity and number, more companies also offer investment options for at least a limited selection of those currencies.

Gold investment companies are excellent entry points for individual retirement account investors of all levels. These companies are a perfect choice for those who want to pick up a limited stock of precious metals and those ready to roll over or set up a new gold IRA or self-directed account. However, with so many companies out there, it can be challenging to make the right selection. Below, we’ve put together our reviews of the five best gold IRA companies. Use this list to help you prepare and make an informed decision about your financial future.

Precious Metal IRA Company Reviews


Our Gold IRA Reviews

We’re starting our list with the gold IRA company we feel is the overall best bet for any new or seasoned investor. Sporting an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a AAA score from the Business Consumer Alliance, Goldco is a trusted name in the precious metals space. In fact, since its founding in 2006, Goldco has grown into a well-established gold and silver IRA company that guides its clients toward a secure financial future.

Every Goldco client receives top-notch care while conducting business. Through account setup to every transaction, a Goldco specialist is available to guide clients toward financial success.

For newcomers or those wishing to brush up on their investing knowledge, Goldco offers a comprehensive education center. Using this resource, clients can research and reference information as needed to make informed financial decisions. Goldco also offers traditional IRA and 401(k) rollovers to transfer existing IRA funds for those in need.

In general, Goldco representatives are experts in gold and silver IRAs. This type of IRA is also known as a self-directed IRA. It allows investors to put control and stability back into their financial future. This stability results from precious metals staying in high demand for currency, production, innovation, and other purposes over the last thirty years.

Gold Bullion and Coins:

Gold coins and bars available through a Gold IRA with Goldco include, but are not limited to:

  •  Gold American Eagle proofs and coins
  •  Gold Maple Leaf coins
  •  Gold American Bald Eagle coins
  •  Royal Mint Gold Lunar Series: 2016-2019
  •  Gold Buffalo coins
  •  Select gold bars including PAMP Suisse and Perth Mint, as well as other refineries
  •  and more

Silver Bullion and Coins:

As we mentioned before, diversity is a worthy goal for any financial investor’s portfolio. For this reason, Goldco also offers its clients a selection of silver IRAs. Due to IRS rules, all silver held in an IRA must be 99.99% pure, meaning you always get what you’re paying for no matter what. Through a Goldco silver IRA, investors can secure their futures by investing in silver in the form of coins or bars, including:

  •  Silver American Eagle proofs or coins
  •  Silver Maple Leaf coins
  •  Silver Australian Saltwater Crocodile coins
  •  Silver Lucky Dragon coins
  •  Silver WWII Victory coins
  •  Silver World War I coins
  •  Royal Mint Britannia Lunar Series: 2015-2019
  •  Select silver bars from Perth Mint and other mints and refineries

Another bonus of choosing a gold or precious metals IRA with Goldco is that a Goldco gold IRA offers similar tax benefits when compared with a traditional IRA. You may contribute up to a set amount each year to grow your investments and withdraw funds without penalties when you reach the right age.

To purchase precious metals or for more information regarding gold IRA fees, minimums, and other essential factors, reach out to Goldco today.

Goldco Pros:

As a top-rated gold IRA company, Goldco offers significant advantages, including:
  •  A large selection of gold and silver bars and coins for IRA holdings
  •  A streamlined account setup and gold IRA rollover system for IRAs featuring gold-star customer service
  •  A high rating with top consumer watch companies
  •  Expansive educational resources
  •  New account perks

Goldco Cons:

While Goldco is our top pick for overall investing in a precious metals IRA or gold IRA, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all company. The two main drawbacks of choosing Goldco include:
  •  No platinum or palladium IRA choices
  •  A minimum investment may apply

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Our second pick for gold IRA companies is Augusta Precious Metals (APM). With low costs and transparent billing practices, Augusta Precious Metals ensures its customers know what they’re buying and get great value for their money.

Family-owned and operated since 2012, APM prides itself on excellent customer relations, offering new customers a 100% money-back guarantee and seven-day price protection. These safety features mean you can invest in any APM IRA safely and with zero stress.

Like other companies on our list, APM sports a top rating from the Better Business Bureau along with soaring ratings on different platforms, including Facebook, Google, and the BCA. This company has rightly earned those excellent ratings through its easy-to-understand pricing, reliable customer service, and diverse portfolio options. For investors ready to take on a precious metals IRA, this company is a sound choice.

Silver and Gold Coins:

Gold and silver IRAs available through APM hold silver and gold coins, including:

  •  Gold American Eagle proofs and coins
  •  Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  •  Gold Canadian Eagle coins
  •  Gold American Buffalo coins
  •  Silver Soaring Eagle coins
  •  Silver American Eagle coins
  •  Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  •  and more

Gold and Silver Bullion:

Bullion is available through Augusta IRAs for precious metals investors looking to grow beyond gold and silver coinage. Types of bullion available include, but are not limited to:

  •  Gold American Eagle .25oz BU
  •  Gold Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz BU
  •  Gold bar – 10oz
  •  Gold bar – 1oz
  •  America the Beautiful – 5oz Cumberland Gap
  •  Silver 90% bag – $1,000 face value
  •  Silver bar – 100oz
  •  Silver bar – 10oz
  •  and more

Premium Gold and Silver:

Beyond precious metals IRAs, Augusta also offers a limited selection of premium gold and silver portfolio options, including:

  •  $10 Gold Indian
  •  $5 Gold Indian
  •  $5 Gold Liberty
  •  $2.5 Gold Liberty
  •  Commemorative 1984 Olympics Gold Coin
  •  Ben Franklin half-dollar
  •  Peace silver dollar
  •  Morgan silver dollar
  •  Mercury silver dime
  •  and more

A lack of annual fees makes getting started with APM pain-free. Contact APM for more information about the setup of gold IRAs and precious metals IRAs, as well as a complete listing of available portfolio options. Get started with a precious metals IRA account today.

Augusta Precious Metals Pros:

Augusta Precious Metals is a top-rated gold investment company with a lot to offer its clients. Benefits of choosing Augusta Precious Metals include:
  •  Account and IRA setup is easy and guided by an APM team member
  •  Variety of IRA storage options available
  •  Money-back guarantee
  •  Fair, guaranteed pricing
  •  Transparent fee structures and processes
  •  Gold and silver options are available

Augusta Precious Metals Cons:

Every gold IRA company has specific ways of operating business that may or may not suit you. With Augusta Precious Metals, the few drawbacks include:

  •  No platinum or palladium portfolio options
  •  No online purchases
  •  Minimum investment not openly listed

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Ranking third on our list of best gold IRA companies is Birch Gold Group. Established in 2003, Birch Gold Group (BGG) has been known for being driven by excellent customer service. Like other companies on our list, Birch Gold Group holds an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and offers its clients step-by-step guidance from a knowledgeable and friendly representative. Clients may open accounts, transfer additional retirement funds, and make sound investment choices with ease.

Among BGG’s many customer amenities is a well-rounded list of prestigious storage options for any gold IRAs or precious metal coins and bullion purchased through a BGG precious metal IRA. Among those storage options is the Delaware Depository, which boasts $1 billion worth of insurance.

BGG clients enjoy regular, ongoing communication with all custodians and representatives. This thorough guidance ensures that all decisions are made using informed recommendations and in the best interest of the client’s financial future.

What sets BGG apart from the first two companies on our list is its diversity of available investment products. BGG offers its clients gold IRAs and other IRA investment opportunities in platinum, palladium, and silver.

IRA-Approved Gold Options:

BGG offers diverse investment options, including gold bullion, rounds, and coins. Please note that some of the options available through BGG are IRA-approved, while others are not. Some of the approved gold IRA options available through BGG include:

  •  American Eagle coins and proofs
  •  American Buffalo coins
  •  Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  •  Austrian Philharmonic coins
  •  Australian Nugget/Kangaroo coins
  •  American Eagle bullion
  •  Select gold bars and rounds
  •  and more

IRA-Approved Silver Options:

  •  American Eagle coins and proofs
  •  American Eagle bullion
  •  Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  •  Austrian Philharmonic coins
  •  Mexican Libertad coins
  •  Select silver bars and rounds
  •  and more

IRA-Approved Platinum Options:

  •  American Eagle coins
  •  Australian Koala coins
  •  Austrian Philharmonic coins
  •  Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  •  Select platinum bars and rounds

IRA-Approved Palladium Options:

  •  Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  •  Select palladium bars and rounds

Gold for Personal Investment:

Beyond IRA-approved precious metals and gold, BGG also offers a selection of precious metals available for personal investment. Gold options include:

  •  American Buffalo gold coins
  •  American Gold Eagle coins
  •  Gold Gyrfalcon coins
  •  Gold Polar Bear and Cub coins
  •  Gold Indian Head Eagle coins
  •  Select gold bars and rounds

Silver for Personal Investment:

In addition to the gold options available for personal investment through BGG, silver investment options include:

  •  Morgan Silver Dollar coins
  •  Peace Silver Dollar coins
  •  American Silver Eagle coins
  •  Silver Twin Maples coins
  •  Walking Liberty Half Dollar coins

BGG is a leader in diverse precious metals investment options for investors of all levels. For more information about BGG fees, setup information, how to purchase precious metals, and available portfolio choices, reach out to a BGG representative today.

Birch Gold Group Pros:

  •  Diverse precious metal investment options
  •  Step-by-step guidance from an experienced representative
  •  Non-IRA investment choices
  •  Long-term, reliable client-focused communication about investment accounts
  •  No fees for certain transfers
  •  Customer education is a priority

Birch Gold Group Cons:

  •  More storage fees than competitors
  •  Setup charges and annual fees are unspecified on the website
  •  Management fees and other long-term costs

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The number four spot on our list belongs to Regal Assets. Boasting a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and top consumer ratings, Regal Assets offers industry-leading IRA rollovers, owing more than 90% of its business profile to the gold IRA rollover service alone. While Regal Assets doesn’t top our list of best gold IRA companies, it’s worth mentioning because IRA rollovers are complicated and lengthy processes. Any company that makes a standard gold IRA rollover easier for its clients is worth a look.

Among Regal Assets’ customer accommodations is a straightforward fee system. Regal Assets charges its clients a flat rate for service and storage, clocking in at an astoundingly low $250 per year. This fee includes investor guidance and segregated storage and is lower than fees levied by most other firms.

While a minimum investment amount may apply, Regal Assets makes up for it by boasting no additional transaction fees. Clients may make investments without worrying about the costs of buying. With diverse investment options, including some popular cryptocurrencies, these low costs make Regal Assets an excellent choice for those just getting started in a precious metal or gold IRA.

Gold Coins and Bars:

Regal Assets offers a broad selection of gold coin and bar investment options, including:

  •  1kl Credit Suisse gold bars
  •  10oz Credit Suisse gold bars
  •  1oz Credit Suisse gold bars
  •  50g Credit Suisse gold bars
  •  20g Credit Suisse gold bars
  •  2.5g Credit Suisse gold bars
  •  Gold American Eagle coins
  •  Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  •  Gold Austrian Philharmonic coins
  •  Gold South African Krugerrand coins
  •  Gold Britannia coins
  •  and more

Silver Bars and Coins:

Among Regal Assets’ available silver investment options are choices such as:

  •  100oz silver bars
  •  10oz Johnson Mathey silver bars
  •  Silver Australian Kookaburra coins
  •  Silver American Eagle coins
  •  Silver Austrian Philharmonic coins
  •  Silver Britannia coins

Platinum Coins:

Regal Assets’ platinum selection is small but formidable.

  •  Platinum American Eagle coins
  •  Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf coins
  •  Platinum Australian Koala coins

Palladium Bars and Coins:

Regal Assets boasts an impressive selection of palladium products, including:

  •  10oz palladium bars from Credit Suisse
  •  1oz palladium bars from Credit Suisse
  •  Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf coins

Select Cryptocurrencies:

As we mentioned above, Regal Assets also offers its clients a limited selection of cryptocurrency investment opportunities. When looking to diversify an investment portfolio, guided investment in cryptocurrencies provides more stability and potential income options during retirement. Choices available through Regal Assets include:

  •  Bitcoin
  •  Ethereum
  •  Tezos
  •  Zcash
  •  Stellar
  •  Litecoin
  •  XRP

Investment Packages

For prospective gold IRA investors and experienced long-haulers looking to simplify the investment process, Regal Assets offers a selection of investment packages. Currently, Regal Assets offers six investment package options, including:

  •  Investment of $5,000: Merchant Package
  •  Investment of $10,000: Knighthood Package
  •  Investment of $25,000: Legacy Portfolio
  •  Investment of $50,000: Kingship Portfolio
  •  Investment of $100,000: Dynasty Portfolio
  •  Investment of $250,000: Coronation Portfolio

Getting started with a gold IRA rollover or new precious metal or gold IRA doesn’t have to be a hassle. With Regal Assets’ incredible customer service, new clients can make the change or open a new account with ease. Like every entry on our list of best gold IRA companies, Regal Assets offers clients trained, professional guidance along the way. Trust any decision you make with Regal Assets investing to be informed, lucrative, and secure.

For a complete list of available portfolios and precious metal or gold IRA options, reach out to a Regal Assets representative today.

Regal Assets Pros:

Regal Assets has a lot to offer new clients. Benefits of choosing Regal Assets for your precious metal or gold individual retirement accounts and other investment goals include:
  •  IRS-approved storage facilities for IRA assets
  •  Segregated, fully insured storage options for personal investments
  •  No fees for IRA rollover or transfer
  •  Cryptocurrency options
  •  Silver, palladium, and platinum options

Regal Assets Cons:

While Regal Assets provides excellent services for its clients, the company falls short in areas for which the companies higher on our list are better known. Cons of choosing Regal include:
  •  A limited selection of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum compared with other companies
  •  No online purchases are available

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Last but not least, we have Noble Gold. While it doesn’t rank as our pick for best gold IRA company, Noble Gold holds a place as a reputable gold IRA company and serious contender in the world of precious metals. Carrying high accreditation from APM as well as Consumer Affairs, Noble also boasts membership in the BCA, the Royal Canadian Mint, and TrustLink. Noble Gold stands as highly regarded among its peers and well reputed among its customers with so many prestigious professional connections.

Though Noble as a standard gold IRA business has only been in action since 2016, it has attracted a solid customer base due to low minimum investment requirements and a well-updated investment education resource center. In its short time in the field, this company has boosted its ratings to AAA and five stars with respective rating authorities. For clients who are newcomers to gold IRA investment, Noble is an excellent entry point.

Noble’s gold IRA fees are competitive, offering new customers $0 setup fees. However, like other gold IRA companies, this company charges a flat annual fee for its services, as well as storage fees. Fortunately, these fees apply to all investment accounts opened through Noble, meaning every customer is on equal footing. Among other perks available when you choose Noble Gold investments, customers receive a “no-questions-asked” buyback service, allowing investors to withdraw their investments should a crisis or better opportunity arise.

Simply visit the Noble Gold website if you’re ready to get started with a standard gold IRA account or investment account, including rollovers. There, you’ll find an easy form to submit that provides the company with your contact information. A representative will contact you to continue the setup of your account.

Once your account is set up and funded, you’re ready to begin selecting the gold investments or precious metals you want to add to your self-directed IRA. This gold IRA company offers a considerable range of choices when it comes to your investment future.

Gold Bullion and Coins:

Though this company is last on our list, it doesn’t fall short at all when it comes to gold IRA investment options. Clients may choose from:

  •  American Gold Eagle coins and proofs
  •  Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins
  •  Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins
  •  Austrian Gold Kangaroo coins
  •  Lady Fortuna gold bars
  •  100g gold bars
  •  Perth Mint 1oz gold bars
  •  Johnson Mathey gold bars
  •  Four-Piece Proof Gold American Eagle coins

Silver Coins, Bars, and Rounds:

Coming up next after gold investments in Noble’s extensive investment options is silver. Investors may choose from:

  •  5oz America the Beautiful coins
  •  1oz American Eagle coins
  •  1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins
  •  1oz Australian Silver Kangaroo coins
  •  1oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic coins
  •  1kg Australian Silver coins
  •  1oz Highland Mint Silver rounds
  •  5oz Highland Mint Silver bars

Platinum Coins and Bars:

  •  American Platinum Eagle coins
  •  1oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf coins
  •  1oz platinum bars
  •  10oz platinum bars

Palladium Coins and Bars:

  •  1oz Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf coins
  •  1oz palladium bars from Credit Suisse

Personal Investment Options

If you’re not ready to commit to a precious metal or gold IRA, Noble Gold investments are available for personal holdings as well as IRAs. For clients interested in these private investments, collections of rare and valuable coins are available for purchase through Noble Gold.

All rare coins sold through Noble are graded and certified by independent professionals. Coin collections are sealed and monitored to guarantee pristine condition. Rare coins and collections available include:

  •  Four-piece Indian sets
  •  Saint Gauden sets
  •  1854 Kellog $20 coins
  •  Morgan silver dollars

Noble Gold also offers streamlined investment packages. Like all Noble investments, these packages exist to provide easy options for clients seeking an uncomplicated investment experience. Packages are tiered and tailored to meet the needs of many different investors. Available Noble Royal Survival packs include:

  •  Noble Cavalier Package: $5,000 investment
  •  Noble Knight Package: $10,000 investment
  •  Noble Baron Package: $25,000 investment
  •  Noble Viscount Package: $50,000 investment
  •  Noble Earl Package: $100,000 investment
  •  Noble Marquess Package: $250,000 investment
  •  Noble Duke Package: $500,000 investment
  •  Noble Ambassador Package: Customizable and available for non-US residents as well as US resident clients

Noble works with various suppliers and refineries for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. For this reason, Noble can offer its customers considerably competitive prices on a precious metals IRA or personal investment. Plus, with Noble’s buyback program, investors can make the financially sound choices they need to secure their financial futures.

Noble’s customer service team representatives are friendly and knowledgeable. These experts help guide new and experienced investors alike toward smart, lucrative investment choices. To get started with gold IRAs, visit the Noble Gold website today.
Though Noble as a standard gold IRA business has only been in action since 2016, it has attracted a solid customer base due to low minimum investment requirements and a well-updated investment education resource center. In its short time in the field, this company has boosted its ratings to AAA and five stars with respective rating authorities. For clients who are newcomers to gold IRA investment, Noble is an excellent entry point.

Noble Gold Pros:

Though NG is coming in last on our list of gold IRA reviews, it still ranks among the best gold IRA companies. This company offers several advantages for new and current clients. Benefits of buying gold through Noble Gold include:
  •  Digital currency options
  •  Secure storage choices
  •  Diversity in investment options
  •  Tiered investment packages
  •  Silver, palladium, and platinum options

Noble Gold Cons:

  •  Minimum investment for gold IRA rollovers
  •  Limited selection of platinum or palladium options
  •  Shorter client history than other companies on this list

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Considerations When Choosing Our Best Gold IRA Company

A lot goes into choosing the best gold IRA company for your needs and future. When we built our list of the top 5 gold IRA companies, we used a few specific factors to help us choose top-of-the-line gold IRA providers with the most to offer their clients.

Read through our considerations below before you begin choosing a company to trust with your gold IRA investments. Make sure to fully explore your options among precious metal IRA companies and read all reviews before sitting down with any professionals for an IRA investment.

Reviews and Company Reputation

Satisfied customers generate new customers. For our gold IRA company review list, we made sure to pay close attention to the reviews every company received. Reviews from average clients say far more about a company than any catchy celebrity endorsement, so we scoured these feedback centers to see what people were saying.

Every company on our list featured glowing reviews from new and recent clients, often receiving top star rankings on most review websites. What’s more, these companies score well with the Better Business Bureau, boasting A+ ratings.

If you’re choosing a precious metal IRA company on your own, take the time to read as many reviews as possible. These reviews will tell you a lot about the average customer experience with the company, any unexpected experiences or fees, as well as any success stories. Reviews help you make an informed decision by providing feedback from retirement account holders just like you.

Support and Customer Service

We understand that navigating the investment world to secure a financial future can be complicated. When building our list of recommended gold IRA companies, we decided to make customer service as well as investor support one of our top priorities.

Our top picks for gold IRA companies all provide top-of-the-line customer service, with some going as far as assigning you a team member for every step of the process. From education centers to money-back guarantees, quality customer services make a genuine difference in the investment experience, especially regarding precious metals IRAs.

When considering which gold IRA company is right for you, do a thorough inspection of any company’s customer service practices. Look for investment companies that offer advice and guidance throughout the investing process, from setup to buying gold.


Getting started with any traditional IRA or Roth IRA involves many changing factors, and precious metal IRAs are no different. We built our list of recommended investment companies with this in mind, specifically targeting companies that focused on streamlining the setup process.

Companies on our list help clients quickly and easily set up new accounts, including services for any gold IRA rollover or transfers from another retirement portfolio. Experienced representatives guide you through every process step by step, offering ease and a complete understanding of where your money is going.

Whether you have an existing IRA or are looking to begin investing in a standard gold IRA from scratch, look for companies that guide you through the account setup process to ensure that your experience is comfortable as well as secure.

Billing and Fees

Pricing in the precious metals world is ever-changing. We chose companies with the best average pricing trends, meaning you’re sure to get a fair price from any name on our list.

Gold investment companies can levy fees for a surprising number of aspects of gold IRA investing. Expenses can include setup costs, annual fees, storage fees, and more. When you speak to any company, be sure to get a complete list of applicable fees for the investment(s) you’re considering.

Portfolio Product Options

Any reputable gold or precious metal IRA company will offer its clients a diverse selection of coins or bullion in which to invest. The gold IRA companies on our list provide many options for gold or silver investing and IRAs, including coins and bullion from America, Canada, and worldwide. Beyond this, it helps if a company has silver, platinum, and palladium options available.

When considering which products to invest in, it helps to choose a company that offers educational material regarding each available product. Our top picks provide in-company resources for every client to make informed buying choices.

If you’ve already done your homework on precious metal coins and bullion, make sure you choose a company with the diverse portfolio options you seek.

Buyback Potential

Even the best-laid plans can hit a significant road bump. IRAs exist to be long-term investment opportunities that steadily grow a retirement portfolio or fund over time. For this reason, and to ensure market stability, the IRS levies a significant tax against monies withdrawn before a specific time has elapsed. Clients may withdraw IRA funds tax-free after the age of 59.5. Before this time, clients must pay a 10% penalty on any funds withdrawn.

That being said, hardship happens. If you need to access your retirement funds before you reach retirement age, it helps to have a company that allows early buybacks of your IRA investment. Make sure the company you choose allows this choice for new clients.

Our Top Pick for a Precious Metals IRA

Every gold IRA company we reviewed for this list offers unique opportunities for each of its clients. From diverse investment product options to tailored investment packages, personal investments, and more, there’s something for every type of investor on this list. However, because there are many different kinds of investors out there, we chose Goldco as our top pick.

Goldco goes above and beyond to earn its A+ and AAA ratings. With high-quality customer service that guides new and experienced investors from account setup to purchase, Goldco ensures every client has the opportunity to build a secure financial future and retirement. For clients looking to diversify their retirement accounts and grow precious metal assets alongside paper assets and other stocks, Goldco is the right choice.

With a large portfolio of gold and silver coins and bullion and an extensive client service history, Goldco is guaranteed to provide results. Don’t hesitate to start your gold or precious metals IRA. Visit the Goldco website to use their helpful educational resources and reach out to their representatives today. Build your future now. Trust Goldco to build it with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should I Invest in Gold or Other Precious Metals?

In the investing world, there is never a shortage of individuals or companies recommending investment avenues. In truth, there are many great choices for diversifying your metals portfolio and securing your financial future. However, precious metals such as gold are an excellent choice for those looking for a steady, predictable investment with a reduced risk of loss.

Due to the use of precious metals in currency, technology, and industrial applications, these metals tend to increase in value over time. Further, gold and other metals tend to increase in value in a crisis due to anti-tarnish properties and other factors.

Investors buy into gold and other precious metals using personal investment ventures or self-directed IRAs.

2. What Is a Standard Gold IRA?

A standard gold IRA is a type of self-directed IRA or Individual Retirement Account. These IRAs allow clients to invest in gold, silver, or other precious metals instead of traditional stocks and bonds. Though gold IRAs typically carry heavier fees, they still boast the same tax advantages as traditional types of retirement accounts.

Gold IRAs help individuals diversify their retirement accounts. Diverse retirement portfolios help protect individuals from stock market losses or other disasters, increasing their chances of a stress-free and financially sound retirement.

3. Is an IRA the Best Way to Invest in Precious Metals?

There are many ways to invest in gold, platinum, silver, and popular precious metals. Several factors determine which investment method is best for each investor. Gold, silver, and other metals may be purchased outside of an IRA, avoiding taxes, storage fees, and other issues typically associated with an IRA account.

However, physical gold doesn’t necessarily equal income. A source of income is a primary concern for individuals of retirement age. For this reason, gold holdings must be liquidated and turned into movable money. What’s more, retirees of a certain age must meet the expected minimum distribution requirements, which may force them to sell precious metals or some of their gold holdings unexpectedly.

These restrictions can cause issues when they occur unexpectedly. Some retirees benefit from a more diversified portfolio, in which case a standard gold IRA is only one of many retirement income sources. For example, IRAs connected to paper assets help diversify retirement accounts and ensure more sources of income and RMD withdrawals.

Even younger investors might find it ideal to choose traditional IRA programs that invest in gold equivalents or similar stocks. Gold IRAs sometimes carry significant minimum investments, meaning it may take younger investors more time to be financially ready for the gold IRA option.

For more advice on using gold and other types of traditional IRA accounts to establish a diverse, reliable portfolio for retirement, reach out to a professional financial advisor.

4. What Does a Standard Gold IRA Cost?

As we mentioned above, the price of gold fluctuates daily, making pricing for gold IRAs challenging to present consistently. Additionally, these accounts can carry a range of fees, including setup fees, deposits, custodial or administrative fees, storage fees, and more. In general, we can tell you that a standard gold IRA typically carries higher fees than either a traditional or Roth IRA.

New clients can expect setup fees typically in the $0-$150 range, with custodial fees totaling around the same on average. Depending on the volume of precious metals being stored, storage fees can be on the higher end of the $100-$300 range. These fees are generally higher than those in place for traditional IRAs.

5. Should I Buy Bullion or Coins?

Every investor profile is unique. With most gold IRA companies, investors have a choice between bullion, coins, or rounds. While all of these products are subject to the same value system, there may be situations in which sovereign coins are a safer investment choice. In general, sovereign coins such as the American Eagle coin or the Canadian Maple Leaf trade more efficiently and at higher rates. Bullion bars, including smaller 1oz bullion bars, can be challenging to sell back or liquidate. Larger bullion bars are ideal for large-scale or institutional investors.

However, one of the hallmarks of any good gold IRA company is a customer-focused buyback policy. Trustworthy gold IRA companies offer good deals on precious metal buybacks so that customers can make informed decisions about their financial futures.

6. When Should I Buy Precious Metals or Gold?

The best time to make gold purchases or invest in gold and other precious metals is when their prices are low. Fortunately, due to price and market fluctuations, this happens on a semi-regular basis. While it can be challenging to know when the prices of gold or precious metals will go down, there are scenarios in which the price of gold generally increases. As the stock exchange drops, gold prices increase. The same is typically true during times of national economic hardship. To keep a finger on the pulse of gold prices and more, stay in contact with an experienced financial advisor like those available through trustworthy gold IRA companies.

7. Where Can I Buy Gold?

Physical gold and physical precious metals are often available in specialized coin shops or through bullion dealers. If you’re interested in making personal investments in physical gold and precious metals, you may be able to locate an authority or dealer in your area. Before visiting, be sure to read up about any prospective dealers or coin shops and take a professional with you if possible. To protect your financial future, you want to buy your coins or bullion from a reliable, trustworthy source.

Beyond buying physical gold or physical precious metals in person, gold investment companies are excellent choices for investors of all stages, from novice to seasoned pro. These companies offer investors the opportunity to purchase gold and precious metals through IRAs or direct personal investments. Just like coin shops and bullion dealers, however, it’s wise to brush up on your companies before beginning an investment journey.

8. What Percentage of My Portfolio Should Be in Gold Holdings?

Which percentages of your portfolio should go to specific investment options will depend on a few factors. A determination of your investment holdings should be made based on your current income and other financial assets. Other factors include age, other portfolio contents, and retirement plans. Most financial advisors advise against riskier investments for investors closer to retirement age, including certain stocks and precious metal IRAs. Gold IRAs typically require high upfront costs and perform better over more extended periods. These types of investments may not be cost-effective to add to the portfolio of someone already approaching retirement.

However, younger investors could see significant returns on a long-term gold IRA investment. Over time, gold and precious metals show increasing value due to their use in commercial and national currency ventures. Young, long-term investors can take advantage of this value increase by opening a standard gold IRA account now for use in twenty or thirty years.

9. How Much of My Money Should I Invest in Gold?

While gold and precious metals are excellent choices for many IRA investors, these opportunities are not for everyone. No investor should put all of their money into any one stock, metal, paper, or another asset. Experienced investors secure their futures using diversified investment portfolios, including accounts from many different investing sectors.
How much of your money you should invest in gold depends on many factors. If you’re looking for safe ways to diversify your investments and retirement accounts, reach out to a financial advisor to get started.

10. Where Should I Store My Gold?

When you purchase gold through a standard gold IRA, the IRS dictates that you cannot store the gold in your home. Part of any gold IRA company’s role involves helping clients find and set up storage for any gold coins, bullion, or rounds held in a standard gold IRA account. Suppose a gold IRA custodian and secure depository are unavailable through the investor’s current gold IRA company. In that case, it is the investor’s responsibility to locate and secure custodial and storage services. Most gold IRA companies do partner with custodial services to streamline this process.

The best gold IRA providers only work with vetted, well-respected storage firms and custodial services. Remember, the gold in an IRA account must be stored in an IRS-approved depository. Make sure your gold IRA company complies with all custodial and IRS rules regarding the handling and storage of IRA gold and precious metals.

As an extra tip, we recommend asking any gold IRA company for proof of licenses, registration, and insurances before opening any account to ensure that your investment in their services is a sound financial decision. Gold investing is serious business, and your partner should be nothing less.

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